Inspiring Business Growth through Creativity, Innovation and Design Thinking.

Ideation At Work exists to Open Hearts and Minds to possibility. We inspire personal and business growth through creativity, innovation, design thinking, and Start with Why. We facilitate workshops, retreats, training programs and strategic planning to maximise productivity, collaboration and workplace happiness.

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    Is Utopia Possible?

    Passion and Purpose, Bitcoin, Democratisation, Universal Basic Wage, Artificial Intelligence and Leading from Behind are concepts that were once considered fluffy at best. Until recently. Today, many experts are making predictions and assumptions about the roles they do and will play in our lives. Fifty years ago we didn’t have mobile phones, computers, ATMs, mapping […]

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    Be Careful What You Ask For

    Apparently the saying, “The milk of human kindness” originated from Macbeth, which is appropriate as it is probably my favourite Shakespeare play. In order to put this into context we need to begin however at “Be careful What You Ask For”. I have ‘heard’ myself say to several people lately, “I would rather lose my […]

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    The Perfect Business Book

    Don’t we all wish it existed? That book that holds within its pages the elusive magic formula that weaves its way from Ideation to Execution and results in a successful venture. I am constantly being asked by clients and participants to recommend IT, The Perfect Business Book, and I struggle with the question every time. […]

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Creativity & Innovation Priority Check

Build Your Capacity for Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration and Action. Our Creativity and Innovation Priority Check (CIPC) will investigate your aptitude and ability to ideate, the current practices and systems you use to ensure this happens, and the collaborative operations of your teams.