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We inspire personal and business growth through creativity and ideation. We offer workshops, training programs, corporate facilitation and innovation audits, customised to maximise productivity, collaboration and workplace happiness.

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    Are Limiting Beliefs Limiting Your Success?

    I have been working lately on limiting beliefs, others and my own. One of the most common phrases I use in consultation is “You teach best what you most need to learn”, so when I find myself dealing with the same issue for several clients, I take notice. While enjoying some time out over the […]

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    Ten Business Lessons From a Tiny Greek Island Part 3

    Lesson 5 On a small island or village, your word is your bond. Once trust is gone, your name is mud. Last night an aerobics group was meant to put on a class on the foreshore. Word was you could go and watch or you could join in. People waited…and waited…it was a no show. […]

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    Ten Business Lessons From a Tiny Greek Island Part 2

    Lesson 3 This is a memorial where the old village church used to be. It was blown up by a German bomb in WWII. My mother, who was around 6 years old, told us stories of being thrown out of their home by the Germans and living inland in a goat shed with their animals. […]

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Creativity & Innovation Priority Check

Build Your Capacity for Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration and Action. Our Creativity and Innovation Priority Check (CIPC) will investigate your aptitude and ability to ideate, the current practices and systems you use to ensure this happens, and the collaborative operations of your teams.