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We inspire personal and business growth through creativity and ideation. We offer workshops, training programs, corporate facilitation and innovation audits, customised to maximise productivity, collaboration and workplace happiness.

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    Community Opportunity Connectivity

    This year, the Hunter Innovation Festival (HIF) saw a record number of entries for the Smart Ideas competition. Over thirty people took part in the inaugural HunterHackFest and two start-ups pitched at the Hunter Research Foundation breakfast. This city is bursting with ideas (and dare I say innovators) and the Festival opened several portals for […]

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    I’ve Been Zapped

    I’ve just attended the Front End Innovation Conference in Boston where every speaker highlighted the importance of workplace culture. Next stop was Las Vegas and after three days of intense learning and connecting at the Boston conference, Vegas was certainly confronting. It’s big, larger than life and full of fakes including a fake Venice, Paris […]

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    That’s a Day One Conference Wrap!

    I have writer’s cramp! Thirty-two pages of written notes, 74 photos, 12 speakers, countless Tweets, and Instagram and Facebook posts. That’s how Day One of the Front End Innovation Conference looks like in numbers for me. But numbers don’t quite catch the energy in the room, nor the discourse that took place. Numbers don’t show […]

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Creativity & Innovation Priority Check

Build Your Capacity for Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration and Action. Our Creativity and Innovation Priority Check (CIPC) will investigate your aptitude and ability to ideate, the current practices and systems you use to ensure this happens, and the collaborative operations of your teams.