Inspiring Business Growth through Creativity, Innovation and Ideation.

Ideation At Work exists to Open Hearts and Minds to possibility. We inspire personal and business growth through creativity, ideation and innovation. We offer workshops, retreats, training programs, corporate facilitation and innovation audits, so we can maximise your productivity, collaboration and workplace happiness.

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    Six Lessons in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Matilda The Musical

    I confess that I am a musical tragic and some time ago took my daughter to see Matilda The Musical. I found myself relating the story to my work in innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2000, struggling to make a living from theatre and music, and fascinated by the work of Roald Dahl, Tim Minchen wrote […]

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    Your Time Starts Now

    What difference can you make? How can you make life easier for others? When was the last time you took a stand against something you believed was not acceptable? How does your business serve your clients? It is widely accepted and scientifically proven that we actually feel good when we do good. And there are […]

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    Seven Super Habits Part 3

    So Just Do It! Don’t forget to Feed Your Soul along the way. And when you need some space or things get a little hairy, remember to Breathe. Super Habit Number 5. Just Do It Big or small – just START! Eat that Red Frog – Just Do It! How many times have you sat […]

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Creativity & Innovation Priority Check

Build Your Capacity for Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration and Action. Our Creativity and Innovation Priority Check (CIPC) will investigate your aptitude and ability to ideate, the current practices and systems you use to ensure this happens, and the collaborative operations of your teams.