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Seven Super Habits Part 3

So Just Do It! Don’t forget to Feed Your Soul along the way. And when you need some space or things get a little hairy, remember to Breathe. Super Habit Number 5. Just Do It Big or small – just START! Eat that Red Frog – Just Do It! How many times have you sat […]


Seven Super Habits Part 2

So did you read Open Your Mind or Mind Your Open in our graphic? Either way the message should resonate! Here we go with Habits 3 and 4… Number 3. Open Your Mind If you keep your ‘circle of knowledge’ tight and routine, the extending influence of your knowledge is also tight and limited. When […]

Seven Super Habits

Seven Super Habits

Over the next few posts you will find simple ways to implement seven habits that come highly recommended (and tested) to make your 2017 a 10! Start by ‘sleeping on them’ each night. There is no ‘perfect plan’ to start on January 1. Good habits can be started and bad habits dropped on any day. […]