Is Utopia Possible?

Passion and Purpose, Bitcoin, Democratisation, Universal Basic Wage, Artificial Intelligence and Leading from Behind are concepts that were once considered fluffy at best. Until recently. Today, many experts are making predictions and assumptions about the roles they do and will play in our lives. Fifty years ago we didn’t have mobile phones, computers, ATMs, mapping […]


Be Careful What You Ask For

Apparently the saying, “The milk of human kindness” originated from Macbeth, which is appropriate as it is probably my favourite Shakespeare play. In order to put this into context we need to begin however at “Be careful What You Ask For”. I have ‘heard’ myself say to several people lately, “I would rather lose my […]


The Perfect Business Book

Don’t we all wish it existed? That book that holds within its pages the elusive magic formula that weaves its way from Ideation to Execution and results in a successful venture. I am constantly being asked by clients and participants to recommend IT, The Perfect Business Book, and I struggle with the question every time. […]


Your Time Starts Now

What difference can you make? How can you make life easier for others? When was the last time you took a stand against something you believed was not acceptable? How does your business serve your clients? It is widely accepted and scientifically proven that we actually feel good when we do good. And there are […]


Seven Super Habits Part 3

So Just Do It! Don’t forget to Feed Your Soul along the way. And when you need some space or things get a little hairy, remember to Breathe. Super Habit Number 5. Just Do It Big or small – just START! Eat that Red Frog – Just Do It! How many times have you sat […]


Seven Super Habits Part 2

So did you read Open Your Mind or Mind Your Open in our graphic? Either way the message should resonate! Here we go with Habits 3 and 4… Number 3. Open Your Mind If you keep your ‘circle of knowledge’ tight and routine, the extending influence of your knowledge is also tight and limited. When […]

Seven Super Habits

Seven Super Habits

Over the next few posts you will find simple ways to implement seven habits that come highly recommended (and tested) to make your 2017 a 10! Start by ‘sleeping on them’ each night. There is no ‘perfect plan’ to start on January 1. Good habits can be started and bad habits dropped on any day. […]


Get Your Innovation On in 2017

What an amazingly fast and furious year. While everyone is in evaluation and planning mode, here are five essential points to consider and execute for success in 2017. 1.   Know Your Why. This is fast becoming a mantra but has been around for years and is integral to success. The concept has finally reached tipping point! When […]


Imagination More Important Than Knowledge

Einstein knew it. He also knew that “Creativity was intelligence having fun”. Creativity and Innovation require Imagination. Futurists, science fiction writers and Hollywood have always flirted with the impossible and in doing so, seeded the possible. Consider Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the infiltration of Robotics into our everyday lives. The original Lost In Space series […]


Community Opportunity Connectivity

This year, the Hunter Innovation Festival (HIF) saw a record number of entries for the Smart Ideas competition. Over thirty people took part in the inaugural HunterHackFest and two start-ups pitched at the Hunter Research Foundation breakfast. This city is bursting with ideas (and dare I say innovators) and the Festival opened several portals for […]


I’ve Been Zapped

I’ve just attended the Front End Innovation Conference in Boston where every speaker highlighted the importance of workplace culture. Next stop was Las Vegas and after three days of intense learning and connecting at the Boston conference, Vegas was certainly confronting. It’s big, larger than life and full of fakes including a fake Venice, Paris […]


That’s a Day One Conference Wrap!

I have writer’s cramp! Thirty-two pages of written notes, 74 photos, 12 speakers, countless Tweets, and Instagram and Facebook posts. That’s how Day One of the Front End Innovation Conference looks like in numbers for me. But numbers don’t quite catch the energy in the room, nor the discourse that took place. Numbers don’t show […]


To Infinity and Beyond

I’m sitting here in a little Italian eatery, drinking a semi-decent cappuccino, wondering what on earth I am doing on the other side of the world without my family. I am constantly talking about creating opportunities and hopefully at the end of a twelve-day whirlwind conference and meeting trip taking in Boston, Las Vegas and […]


Innovation is About Connecting the Dots…

Steve Jobs knew how to make connections. The MagTech AC adaptor for the mac laptops were actually a connection he made between his product and the magnetic power chords that accompanied rice cookers selling in Japan.  The magnetic AC power adaptor was an impressive innovation. Picture a rice cooker simmering away and a child running through, tripping […]


5 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier

Top of the list: Be brave enough to be exactly who you want to be, one hundred percent of the time. You don’t need to be one version of yourself at home and another at work. Next: Don’t get stuck doing something that cripples your soul. Especially don’t be crippled by a boss or manager […]


Face-to-Face Still Trending

I’m writing this on the plane returning from two days of solid networking. As much as technology has connected us through video conferencing, Skype and countless equivalents, there is nothing as productive in the short term as face-to-face contact. The words authentic, honest and purposeful are becoming increasingly valued in today’s business world. And they […]