Innovation in the USA

I have just returned from the USA in awe of the role that Creativity and Innovation play in businesses, companies and organisations. Everywhere I turned I saw the words Creativity, Innovation, Imagination – or a wonderful variation – Imaginate! These words were written across billboards, in all forms of advertising, on the front cover of […]

Innovation in the Workplace

There are a plethora of articles written about Innovation in the Workplace. As each workplace is a combination of its own unique qualities, each organisation will have a unique formula for fostering innovation peculiar to it’s own culture. This article is not about reinventing the wheel on Innovation Best Practise but rather about drawing attention […]


If you read the plethora of business books out there (and there are some good ones), participate in workshops, or seek advice from a business advisor or business coach – there will always be a ‘case study’, or a ‘mention’ of other businesses and organisations that  are doing well, even “punching above their weight”! They […]

If Rules Aren’t Meant to be Broken at Least Bend Them A Little

I was listening to Bill Gates talk about philanthropy, education and innovation the other night on Radio National and was delighted by the announcer’s closing statement, “To draw more people into thinking big and outside the square, we must change how we teach”. Well, for my money that means teaching EVERYONE – from school children […]

How or Why do we Measure Innovation?

I have a problem with measuring – sometimes we get so caught up in the measuring and the explaining and the reporting and the justifying – that we forget what it was we actually started out trying to achieve. My maternal grandmother was a great cook (she was a Greek grandmother so it really goes […]

That’s An Innovation Wrap

Academics often talk about little ‘c’ and big ‘C’ creativity. If that’s the case, Newcastle in May was blazing INNOVATION. Three days of intense activity at City Hall and NBN studios exposed delegates to the Hunter Innovation Forum to information and activities, but equally important, to opportunities for networking and collaboration. And with guests numbering […]

Identification By Definition

Western cultures have largely solved problems by establishing rules, rules that inflict limits on situations and confine behaviours to what is deemed to be acceptable. It seems we also have a need to confine through definition? Innovation is a word that has increasingly been bandied around for quite a few years and ironically, as the […]

Golden Eggs

Lets talk eggs! There’s been much talk lately in quite a few different circles I’ve found myself in, about putting all our eggs in the mining basket. At the Create and Innovate workshop at Kurri Kurri a couple of weeks ago, people were conscious of not putting all their eggs in the one basket post […]

Can I Have Some Money…Please?

There’s no doubt that NOT having to worry about money ALL the time certainly helps remove barriers! Whether you’re staring your own freelance business, holding an event or working on a project, you need to know what your costs are! Organisations like The Business Centre have tools available like the Business Viability Calendar that can […]

Book Reviews

I went book mad this Christmas! And I’m not talking the Kindle variety – although I do love the convenience of a Kindle – my mother used to say a time and place for everything. I’m talking about the type with all those leafy pages, the ones I can run my thumb through and hear that […]

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Bread has been a staple part of the human diet since the Neolithic era…so it’s been around for a long time. Bread has been used in religious ceremonies and festivals and culturally, countries can be identified by the type of bread they serve. And once bartering and then monetary exchange began – bread was baked, […]