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Seven Super Habits Part 3

So Just Do It! Don’t forget to Feed Your Soul along the way. And when you need some space or things get a little hairy, remember to Breathe. Super Habit Number 5. Just Do It Big or small – just START! Eat that Red Frog – Just Do It! How many times have you sat […]


Seven Super Habits Part 2

So did you read Open Your Mind or Mind Your Open in our graphic? Either way the message should resonate! Here we go with Habits 3 and 4… Number 3. Open Your Mind If you keep your ‘circle of knowledge’ tight and routine, the extending influence of your knowledge is also tight and limited. When […]

Seven Super Habits

Seven Super Habits

Over the next few posts you will find simple ways to implement seven habits that come highly recommended (and tested) to make your 2017 a 10! Start by ‘sleeping on them’ each night. There is no ‘perfect plan’ to start on January 1. Good habits can be started and bad habits dropped on any day. […]


Imagination More Important Than Knowledge

Einstein knew it. He also knew that “Creativity was intelligence having fun”. Creativity and Innovation require Imagination. Futurists, science fiction writers and Hollywood have always flirted with the impossible and in doing so, seeded the possible. Consider Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the infiltration of Robotics into our everyday lives. The original Lost In Space series […]

New York

Just What IS New York City?

At its heart NYC, just like any other city or town, is the collective energy of its inhabitants. When I land in a city, familiar or not, I can’t wait to get out and walk amongst the people. I realised I could have been anywhere, except for the New York ‘feel’ which is defined as […]


The Consumption of Assumptions

Creativity can be consumed by assumptions. Took part in a great webinar a week or so ago. Amantha Imber from Melbourne based company Inventium was talking about innovation and the topic swung around to assumptions. Amantha believes that assumptions can actually toll the death bell for creativity. Why? Because assumptions have the ability to “fence […]

cog gear wheels

Slowing down the Cogs…

There was a very interesting article in the Australian Financial Review on 24th October 2012. The article focused on the research out of Oxford University by neuroscientist Susan Greenfield and was all about how technology short cuts brain power…when you finish reading it, it’s a real no brainer. “Technology should be a means rather than […]

On Brand…

I was impressed a couple of weeks ago. Returning home from my early morning walk I passed a new business venture that was about to launch – Pure – a retail outlet for clothes, shoes and accessories for sporting enthusiasts. It was 7:30am and one of the owners called out behind me. I stopped – […]

Little Wins

A friend of mine keeps coming up with great book discoveries! A few weeks ago he recommended Little Bets – how breakthrough ideas emerge from small discoveries, by Peter Sims. I’m still getting through it (and the 1000’s of other books I have on my “to read” list) but I’ve just read the chapter titled, Small […]


If you read the plethora of business books out there (and there are some good ones), participate in workshops, or seek advice from a business advisor or business coach – there will always be a ‘case study’, or a ‘mention’ of other businesses and organisations that  are doing well, even “punching above their weight”! They […]

Book Reviews

I went book mad this Christmas! And I’m not talking the Kindle variety – although I do love the convenience of a Kindle – my mother used to say a time and place for everything. I’m talking about the type with all those leafy pages, the ones I can run my thumb through and hear that […]

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Bread has been a staple part of the human diet since the Neolithic era…so it’s been around for a long time. Bread has been used in religious ceremonies and festivals and culturally, countries can be identified by the type of bread they serve. And once bartering and then monetary exchange began – bread was baked, […]