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Be Careful What You Ask For

Apparently the saying, “The milk of human kindness” originated from Macbeth, which is appropriate as it is probably my favourite Shakespeare play. In order to put this into context we need to begin however at “Be careful What You Ask For”. I have ‘heard’ myself say to several people lately, “I would rather lose my […]


The Perfect Business Book

Don’t we all wish it existed? That book that holds within its pages the elusive magic formula that weaves its way from Ideation to Execution and results in a successful venture. I am constantly being asked by clients and participants to recommend IT, The Perfect Business Book, and I struggle with the question every time. […]


Your Time Starts Now

What difference can you make? How can you make life easier for others? When was the last time you took a stand against something you believed was not acceptable? How does your business serve your clients? It is widely accepted and scientifically proven that we actually feel good when we do good. And there are […]


5 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier

Top of the list: Be brave enough to be exactly who you want to be, one hundred percent of the time. You don’t need to be one version of yourself at home and another at work. Next: Don’t get stuck doing something that cripples your soul. Especially don’t be crippled by a boss or manager […]


Face-to-Face Still Trending

I’m writing this on the plane returning from two days of solid networking. As much as technology has connected us through video conferencing, Skype and countless equivalents, there is nothing as productive in the short term as face-to-face contact. The words authentic, honest and purposeful are becoming increasingly valued in today’s business world. And they […]


Things are Different

In July 2005 articles and footage started appearing on YouTube about Brazilian manufacturing company Semco. Semco was described as a “most radical workplace”.  Seven years on, the company’s operating principles are still considered rare: not knowing which receptionist will be on at what time because it is up to the receptionists to work out their […]

Manage Definition Magnifier Showing Leadership Management And Supervision

Really – How Effective is Micro Management?

Well I had a little chuckle to myself as I headed to Wikipedia for a definition of micromanagement. Chuckle soon turned to choke as I read it, eyes widening and mouth gaping! I shuddered…it was spot on… see for yourself. And here is another comment those who have been micromanaged will certainly relate to…micromanagers risk […]

If Rules Aren’t Meant to be Broken at Least Bend Them A Little

I was listening to Bill Gates talk about philanthropy, education and innovation the other night on Radio National and was delighted by the announcer’s closing statement, “To draw more people into thinking big and outside the square, we must change how we teach”. Well, for my money that means teaching EVERYONE – from school children […]

Can I Have Some Money…Please?

There’s no doubt that NOT having to worry about money ALL the time certainly helps remove barriers! Whether you’re staring your own freelance business, holding an event or working on a project, you need to know what your costs are! Organisations like The Business Centre have tools available like the Business Viability Calendar that can […]