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To Infinity and Beyond

I’m sitting here in a little Italian eatery, drinking a semi-decent cappuccino, wondering what on earth I am doing on the other side of the world without my family. I am constantly talking about creating opportunities and hopefully at the end of a twelve-day whirlwind conference and meeting trip taking in Boston, Las Vegas and […]


Innovation is About Connecting the Dots…

Steve Jobs knew how to make connections. The MagTech AC adaptor for the mac laptops were actually a connection he made between his product and the magnetic power chords that accompanied rice cookers selling in Japan.  The magnetic AC power adaptor was an impressive innovation. Picture a rice cooker simmering away and a child running through, tripping […]

Think like a traveler

Think Like a Traveller

Close your eyes and think about the last time you travelled to a different country, state, city or even suburb. You were expecting things to be different. You were taking in your new surroundings. Your eyes darted faster, you listened for the unfamiliar, and you were on alert. Why?

New York

Just What IS New York City?

At its heart NYC, just like any other city or town, is the collective energy of its inhabitants. When I land in a city, familiar or not, I can’t wait to get out and walk amongst the people. I realised I could have been anywhere, except for the New York ‘feel’ which is defined as […]

Action Definition Magnifier Shows Acting Or Proactive

Words Words Words

Words are words. In business these days you need your actions to be as loud if not louder than your words. Rhetoric can buy you short term. Action buys you respect and long term survival. Ideas are great but flutter into the ether unless followed by action.


Things are Different

In July 2005 articles and footage started appearing on YouTube about Brazilian manufacturing company Semco. Semco was described as a “most radical workplace”.  Seven years on, the company’s operating principles are still considered rare: not knowing which receptionist will be on at what time because it is up to the receptionists to work out their […]


The Consumption of Assumptions

Creativity can be consumed by assumptions. Took part in a great webinar a week or so ago. Amantha Imber from Melbourne based company Inventium was talking about innovation and the topic swung around to assumptions. Amantha believes that assumptions can actually toll the death bell for creativity. Why? Because assumptions have the ability to “fence […]

Concept of uniqueness

So – which one of you can Innovate?

It’s a strange question really. One that really shouldn’t have to be asked. Innovation should be like those other “in” words – innate, intuitive, indefinite – it should be a “given” that everyone should be involved. So ideally, we need to convince everyone that there is no such things as a bad IDEA and that […]

cog gear wheels

Slowing down the Cogs…

There was a very interesting article in the Australian Financial Review on 24th October 2012. The article focused on the research out of Oxford University by neuroscientist Susan Greenfield and was all about how technology short cuts brain power…when you finish reading it, it’s a real no brainer. “Technology should be a means rather than […]

Shopping Bags Showing Retail Shop

Retail Revisited

There is a plethora of articles being written at the moment about retail – chains are closing, David Jones and Myers have had profit slumps, the internet is killing the sector etc.etc.etc. So it’s time we revisited innovation in retail – because retail is in the spotlight all over the world – for the devastation […]

Manage Definition Magnifier Showing Leadership Management And Supervision

Really – How Effective is Micro Management?

Well I had a little chuckle to myself as I headed to Wikipedia for a definition of micromanagement. Chuckle soon turned to choke as I read it, eyes widening and mouth gaping! I shuddered…it was spot on… see for yourself. And here is another comment those who have been micromanaged will certainly relate to…micromanagers risk […]

Celebrating the New

As the Hunter Innovation Festival enters its the sixth consecutive year, it is timely to investigate the origins of Innovation and why we bother to celebrate Innovation during the month of May. The word Innovation has its origins in the 15th century and comes from the Latin Innovatus (in – into, novue – new). By […]

On Brand…

I was impressed a couple of weeks ago. Returning home from my early morning walk I passed a new business venture that was about to launch – Pure – a retail outlet for clothes, shoes and accessories for sporting enthusiasts. It was 7:30am and one of the owners called out behind me. I stopped – […]

Mental Contrasting

So the term Mental Contrasting popped up again the other day in a newsletter from Inventium. I’m surprised it’s not used more often than it is…though there is the association between mental and hard work, and that may be prohibitive. Professor Gabriele Oettingen (so much easier to write than to say) from New York University […]