Community Opportunity Connectivity

This year, the Hunter Innovation Festival (HIF) saw a record number of entries for the Smart Ideas competition. Over thirty people took part in the inaugural HunterHackFest and two start-ups pitched at the Hunter Research Foundation breakfast. This city is bursting with ideas (and dare I say innovators) and the Festival opened several portals for them to shine through.

2016 also brought record numbers of attendees and speakers. Most importantly, opportunities were created as the greater community was given the chance to connect.

Here is the HIF16 wrap up, with seven slightly quirky things you may not know.

Seven dedicated individuals from several businesses and organisations formed the organising committee. Also worthy of mention are the seven venues that graciously hosted seven events, and the seven teams that took part in the HunterHackFest.

Six women took part in a conversation that simultaneously informed, challenged and entertained the room. I think there were six males in the audience as well. We will definitely need to address that gender imbalance next year.

Five entrepreneurs got to pitch their ideas and products or services to an audience that was keen to hear about what they had to offer. We’re thrilled that they have all been approached with offers of collaboration, assistance or work.

Four people told me they want Tiziana Bianco’s job.

Three hundred and thirty people attended the Hunter Research Foundation (HRF) Breakfast.

Two speakers shared messages of peace and the life altering power of collaborative problem solving.

One producer thanks everyone who agreed to take part, speak, sponsor, work behind the scenes, volunteer and put up with all the pleas and requests. Especially the ones that went out after midnight.


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