Face-to-Face Still Trending

r0_189_2448_2981_w1200_h678_fmaxI’m writing this on the plane returning from two days of solid networking. As much as technology has connected us through video conferencing, Skype and countless equivalents, there is nothing as productive in the short term as face-to-face contact. The words authentic, honest and purposeful are becoming increasingly valued in today’s business world. And they are qualities that are not easily demonstrable on an on-line platform.

Not that I don’t love on-line relationships. They are a ‘must have’ to connect us quickly and globally. If you aren’t using LinkedIn or social media appropriate to your business, you are missing branding and sales opportunities. But research tells us that we need around thirteen touch points to build interest in our brand or product, which explains our inability to keep up with our inboxes. Where do people find time to send or program three messages a day, the number of emails I am currently receiving from one “salesman”?

When you get ‘up close and personal’ thirteen touch points is reduced to three. In a one-on-one meeting, if you mean what you say and you can ‘walk your talk’; you begin to build a relationship after sixty seconds.

Lissie Turner is a communications expert, an ex JJJ breakfast presenter and was the guest speaker at the Byron and Beyond Networking breakfast, just one of the two events and nine meetings my Hunter Collective collaborator Heidi Pollard and I covered in just under fifty hours. “Communication is how we weave together, how we find our tribe” she shared. “Open your mouth to speak, close your mouth to listen and speak honestly and with heart”. Great networking advice!

As we adjust to the impact technology is having on our ever increasingly busy lives, it is important to remember that ultimately, we are a social being.

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