Seven Super Habits Part 2

So did you read Open Your Mind or Mind Your Open in our graphic? Either way the message should resonate! Here we go with Habits 3 and 4…

Number 3. Open Your Mind

If you keep your ‘circle of knowledge’ tight and routine, the extending influence of your knowledge is also tight and limited. When you read wide, talk wide, mix with people of all ages, races, religions, beliefs and professions, your extending influence of knowledge is limitless. Diversity is King when it comes to innovation, problem solving, creativity and keeping your mind stimulated and your energy thirsty!

Tip 1 – Subscribe to a newsletter outside of your primary area of interest. You don’t even need to read all the articles – just scan the headlines daily.

Tip 2 – Listen to one 10 minute podcast or TED Talk a week on a topic you disagree with – then challenge yourself and question your existing beliefs.

Tip 3 – Choose a new way to travel to work or the gym or the shopping center or anywhere you visit regularly and ‘look like a traveler’. I have been amazed at what I have seen, noticed and learnt when I actually observe my surroundings in the same way I do when I am traveling!

Number 4. Move Your Body

The benefits of exercise and movement aren’t a secret! To ‘exercise more’ is one of the first resolutions made each year and one of the first broken. So keep it simple – make it playful! It’s about increasing circulation and energy, and releasing feel good hormones. Don’t make it about having the body you know you will never have. That we find happiness and contentment in our own skin is a much deeper search into our inner being than the changes exercise will ever achieve on the outside.

Tip 1 Wait for it – take the stairs! Ground breaking tip I know. In preparation for this post I counted the number of times I could have taken an elevator or escalator yesterday. 5 times I took the stairs! That’s around 200 steps I wouldn’t have taken!

Tip 2 Before you get out of bed, stretch. From the tips of your toes to every muscle in your neck and head. Stretch. Then when you get up – stretch again. Give stretching 5 minutes. Sub tip – the first few times ignore the crackling…

Tip 3 Walk or take up yoga – or Pilates – or the gym – whatever rocks your boat. Commit to just one session per week to start with. There are 10,080 minutes in a week. Let’s say you commit to a 60 minute session and it takes you up to 60 minutes to get there and back. You still have another 9,960 minutes. 60 minutes less social media per week (9 minutes per day) gets you half of that back! Sub tip two – grab a friend and motivate each other!

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