Trust Your Gut

Flowchart And 3d Character Shows Process Or ProcedureFinally – research to back up what we already know from the University of Newcastle – your gut instinct is right! Reminds me of the time I read the study on Camomile – scientists discovered what herbalists and my grandmother knew all along – camomile calms the nerves and soothes the stomach…

What a shame we have let fear and doubt get in the way of what our ancestors took for granted and utilised all the time…

One theory around gut instinct is that our brains access all our accumulated experiences and this allows us to make judgements and to take actions based on those judgements. A process of logical, conscience  consideration has not taken place. On this intellectual level, the brain unconsciously organises the patterns of information it has been fed into blocks – this process has been called chunking.

Reminds me of when my children were babies and I was more in tune with my gut instinct. I knew the difference between a pained cry, a helpless cry, a tired cry, a no particular purpose cry, an attention cry – I was tuned in.

In ancient times it is thought that we had an inbuilt radar that would alert us to danger. We used our senses to pick up signals and signs of impending danger, or to read signs to make decisions about actions and/or reactions.

On a spiritual level, it has been noted that our gut feelings (and our butterflies) occur in the gut (obviously) and that this is the exact centre point our body – a point of perfect balance. Interesting….

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