What They Said

Conference Facilitation

Christina recently facilitated a three-day sales conference for Earp Bros.

Her ability to create rapport quickly and engage people creatively allowed our conference to gain momentum from the very beginning.

In three days we were introspective, innovative, inspired and informed about ways to move the business and our teams forward.

We developed goals, took ownership of them as a group and have been inspired to pursue them since.

Christina’s unique and professional approach has had a positive impact on our business, influencing our plans, processes and thinking for the future.

Few people are as enthusiastic about innovation as Christina. To ensure that we were best prepared for the year ahead, we engaged Christina to facilitate a team building session and to introduce the team to design thinking principles. Christina’s engaging personality and methodical approach allowed us to get a firm grip on the issues we needed to address and to help us find a practical way forward. I’d readily recommend getting in touch with Christina if you are preparing a team to design a better future.

Team Building Facilitation

Business Consultancy

I first met Christina in late 2014 when I felt I needed some guidance and mentoring for my product photography business.
What struck me about Christina straight away was her energy and positivity, combined with a huge depth of knowledge about creative industries and business more generally.
I come away from sessions with her feeling motivated and inspired, but, importantly, with practical and quantifiable steps to help take my business forwards. These measures are followed up at subsequent meetings and via email in between scheduled appointments, which keeps me working on my business plan and creates a framework for development of me and my business.
Advice and suggestions from Christina have absolutely helped me grow my business and made me much more confident in my abilities, both creatively and in terms of business.

Christina got right to the point when I sat down to chat about my business. I was feeling pretty low actually, and wondering if I was just floundering around and not really making any progress. Christina seemed to be able to read me right off the bat and told me what I actually needed to hear.

I walked out of our first session having put my big girl pants back on and went off to rediscover my business identity. By the time we had our second session I had pulled my service list apart, redefined elements of my brand identity and accepted that I really can make this happen.

Overall, in just a very short time, I feel released to open the envelope further, push my self-imposed boundaries out of the way and run with my ideas. I am looking forward to reflecting back in six months as I expect I will shake my head in wonder at what has happened due to the mentoring and focus I have received so far.

As a creative with no official business background and an open history of anxiety and depression, I can honestly say that having someone in my corner pushing me ‘just enough’ to believe in myself is something that had no idea I needed and so glad that it turns out I do. I would recommend Christina in a heartbeat to anyone needing that push.

Rippler Innovation Program

Christina, Thank you for your guidance and provoking during the RIPPLER Course. The exposure to ideas and thought processes was something I appreciated. At first I wondered what I had got into but your books on Mandela and others on Leadership was informative. Chip Conley in Peak challenged me as an owner. Their ideas I am working into what I do. I expected a “how to” course with notes etc. After a short while I realised you can not by definition “innovate” by learning. You need to discover what you can do by listening and seeing what others have done. It is not easy and it requires self awareness and honest personal evaluation. I believe Business Leaders need to take time out from doing and spend more time thinking. RIPPLER gave me that opportunity.

Can I take this opportunity to let you know that you have done a great job in devising, organising and delivering this course. I have already started to implement some of the aspects we have covered during the past few months… and believe I have really benefited on a number of levels from The Rippler experience.

The Rippler Effect is an inspiring, empowering, challenging and motivating program that has given me a renewed focus and direction for my business and my personal growth. The program content opens your mind to innovation in its many guises with engaging guest speakers and Christina’s unwavering support throughout. The added bonus is you get to share the journey with a group of like-minded individuals that by the end of the program are like a second family! If you’re considering joining the program don’t deliberate just do it, I guarantee you won’t regret it.