What We Do

Opening hearts and minds to possibility…

Ideation At Work is an innovation and creativity training and consultancy company. We put the Think back into the Tank.

At Ideation At Work, we inspire business growth, change and sustainability through creativity and ideation. We work with corporates, government organisations, SME’s and Start-ups. We show you how to put the ‘thinking’ and ‘creative’ back into everyday operations to ensure sustainable innovation. We don’t mind if your preferred innovative type is to destroy, disrupt, sustain, or increment  – we work with you!

We engage with you (or your team) in an innovation conversation to produce a training needs analysis. We then customise our programs to suit your specific requirements.

We offer a range of workshops and training programs for individuals wanting to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and who understand the benefits of collaborative thinking and networking.

Our Tool Kit

Design Thinking At Work

Not a new concept. Not even earth shattering. Just one we’ve trialed and tested and love and know gets great results.

Start With Why

We have been so fortunate to have been in conversation with Simon Sinek’s Start With Why team in Canada for the last eighteen months. We have prototyped and tested several resources from the Start With Why toolkit on our retreats and in our workshops. Everything Starts With from your Why. We can unequivocally state that once you have nailed this  – the result is flow and results will flow…

Ideas to Execution

All ideas are great. None are effective without an action plan. We introduce you to methods that will ensure you activate your ideas…that’s the first step to getting real results.

At Ideation At Work we specialise in Creativity and Innovation Training and Consultation, Workshops, Public Speaking, Collaborative Events and Bespoke Event Management. We also love Marketing and Communication, Social Media, Community Engagement, Project Development and Execution and Executive Multi Media Production.

We offer innovation audits, workshops, education and one on one consultations in creativity, innovation and ideation for businesses and industry groups. We work with executive, management and frontline teams to increase productivity and collaboration.

Our philosophy is to allow enough freedom, offer enough incentive and empower people in order to:

  • Launch a new idea or develop a new product
  • Encourage creativity
  • Encourage individual responsibility
  • Impact the market, the economy and the local community
  • Manage opportunities and challenges
  • Implement change strategies without fear or reservation
  • Integrate social responsibility

We don’t pretend to provide the answers to your problems. We do facilitate the processes that lead to solutions.

Don’t Ask Don’t Get

We show you how to create opportunity by asking for it.

Brain Shifting

A favourite of ours. Love brainstorming? Not everyone does! We show you how to harness multiple ideas and possibilities using this technique.

Adopting and Adapting

There is so much opportunity out there! So much to observe! Adopting and adapting are two of our favourite words. We encourage you to look outside your industry, see what is working well in the world then bring it into your area of expertise.