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Innovation Programs


To provide business owners, managers and future leaders with strategies to implement innovation into their business, to improve profitability and give them a competitive advantage in the global market.


For those who have a passion for innovation and new ideas, business owners, executives who lead by example and empower their workforce, upper and middle management and identified future  leaders.

Entrepreneurial thinkers who don’t just ‘think’ innovation but act.

An idea without execution is hallucination
Simon Sinek

Get Innovative With Your Training

We offer an opportunity for companies and organisations to treat their staff to a great day out and complete Innovation Training at the same time.

We have a selection of inspiring places to visit and you will hear from innovation champions who will stimulate thoughts and opportunities for new practices.

Destinations and duration of our innovation training packages are negotiable.

Customised Programs

Ideation At Work offer programs which can be incorporated into a customised solution for your business or organisation.

We engage with you in an innovation conversation to produce a training needs analysis. We then custom design a program to suit your requirements.

Programs are available as one hour expo sessions, half day workshops or full day intensives.


Creativity and Innovation Priority Check

Our Creativity and Innovation Priority Check (CIPC) will investigate your aptitude

and ability to ideate, the current practices and systems you use to ensure this

happens, and the collaborative operations of your teams.

We then give you a CIPC scorecard indicating areas of excellence and strategies for

improvements in low performance areas. Ideation at Work can provide you with

the tools to ensure your organisation creates a competitive edge.

CIPC Brochure (pdf)

Design Thinking At Work

We use cutting edge research on the tremendous capacity and drive for innovation contained in the human brain to drive your team forward.

Design Thinking is a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol that can be utilised to achieve big results. Design thinking is a mind-set focused on solutions, as opposed to the problem, from the customer perspective. Gaining different perspectives is crucial to achieving high-end outcomes. Cross functional blending of teams adds the value to this problem-solving, customer-centric approach. I am a proponent of Design Thinking.  I have seen it in action, I use it with clients and it works.

Unleash your own creative thinking and the creative thinking required to impact your team, workplace, community and the world.

Start With Your Why

We offer Start With Why workshops so that entrepreneurs and organisations bring their purpose and intention to life. Your intent acts as a barometer for every decision you make, every opportunity you accept, every team member you employ. Why discovery is a seven to ten hour process that involves searching and digging, courage and strength.

Empowerment and Collaboration

This workshop focuses on collaboration and empowerment.

“The greatest change in the way business is being conducted is the accelerating growth of relationships based not on ownership but on partnership.” – Peter Drucker

Workplace collaboration and empowering colleagues, managers and employees is already working for many forward thinking companies such as Yahoo, Boeing, Virgin Blue, Volkswagon ….. oh and Apple, Twitter and Facebook.

Innovation on a Shoestring

Businesses and organisations can be guilty of avoiding creativity and innovation because they don’t quite know where to start, or because they have a pre conceived belief the results need to be huge and the changes have to be BIG. Not understanding how to measure innovation can also be a stumbling block. So can the fact that most people are already struggling with existing tasks and timeframes. Sole traders get so caught up with the day to day running of their business that they forget to program in time for innovation and development. This Workshop will get you adapting creative and innovative techniques to your business or idea…without costing you ridiculous amounts of time or severely denting your budget! We will provide you with simple tools to take back to your workplace to get your workforce inspired and thinking.

Pitching for the entrepreneur and intrapreneur

Gain acceptance for your Big Idea and bring your vision to life.

Build your network of support and target the decision-makers.

Create a successful pitch to Break Through…

Embed innovative thinking into your business or organisation and create “the habit”…not just skill building but behaviour changing.


The mining and manufacturing sectors have undergone a series of downturns in recent times. This is therefore the ideal time to showcase successes, inspire businesses and organisations to ideate, and encourage new collaborations to investigate opportunities for growth.

We have devised two levels of workshops, one aimed at Executives and the second aimed at Management.